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I study English and political science at St. Mary's College of Maryland. In my spare time, I make digital noise about 3D printers, rhetorical devices, national security disclosures and the written word. Also Scandinavian folk music. Oxford is in the archives. Sometimes I travel and blog about it.

Riding through New Jersey.

New York City!

Yeah so the cops just pulled over the bus.

I’M ON A BUS TO SEE MEGHAN PAK FOR NEW YEARS. The guy in the seat next to me has 3 iPads and I’m reading Dave Berry’s annual year in review - so the ride is off to a comical start. I’ll be in New York City in about 4 1/2 hours GET PSYCHED. BECAUSE I SURE AM.

Nice weather, great food, better friends! I miss Oxford, but it’s good to be home!

End of term


“It’s fine.”

—   An ancient CMRS proverb. (via cmrs-fall2013)

Saturday morning at Heathrow airport. After being herded like cattle through security, nostalgia and ugly crying commenced. But, for the record, it was still a damn good time.

After returning to Oxford to watch /The Hobbit/ (we prefer not to talk about it), we committed once last indiscretion by burning old papers under a bridge. Like ya do.